5 Fun Activities for Students in HFX


With that start of a new school year, we know just how easy it can be to get your head lost in the books, but don’t worry Clutch is here to help! Here are 5 activities perfect for a day away from campus. All with locations that are easy to drive to and close to most campuses in HFX.



The Board Room Cafe is a perfect place to go with one friend or a group of friends! They have 500+ games & some awesome events like trivia nights! You can play a group favourite, or have one of the game bosses guide you through something new. They have a great selection of food and drinks too! So if you’re feeling like a coffee with friends or a beer they have it all. This is the ideal hangout spot for students since they are also open late, until midnight most nights and 2 AM on Friday and Saturday. They are located on Barrington St. in Halifax which is not a far drive from many campuses.


Ground Zero Climbing Gym is an awesome place to go if you want to get your head out of the books and into a fun & physical activity. It’s Atlantic Canada’s first and largest indoor rock climbing facility. You don’t need to worry if you have never rock climbed before, they offer a free lesson on how it all works. They have walls for new climbers and experienced climbers, so everyone is welcome! They are located on Mellor Avenue in Dartmouth, which is not a far drive from any of the campuses.


Now this is a place to burn some energy! Get Air is a great place to go with friends. There’s nothing better than jumping around and accomplishing some obstacles after sitting for hours studying. This is a great place for busy students since their opening hours are pretty great, with openings until 10:00 pm on weekdays, midnight on Friday and Saturday, and 8:00 pm Sunday night. It’s located on Windmill Rd in Dartmouth, which means there are a ton of restaurants close by to drive to if all this energy makes you hungry!


Not only is Karbahn a great place to show off your driving skills, It’s a great place to show off your aim too. Karbahn is a indoor karting and laser tag facility and is the perfect place to go with a bunch of friends. It is located on Otter Lake Court in Bayers Lake, Halifax which is awesome if you are a student who lives in Halifax, but it is by far worth the drive if you are located in Dartmouth. After all who doesn’t love some friendly competition?!


Let’s bowl! Bowlarama is a great place to host your birthday party or a back to school celebration with friends after a first long class. Not only is it a ton of fun, there are three locations! Halifax (Bayer’s Road), Dartmouth and Spryfield so no matter what campus you are located at, it is not a far drive!

We hope this gave you some ideas on how to spend your time away from the books. Public transit can be quite the pain & can be time consuming & if you’re a student you may not have a lot of that. Clutch is giving a student discount of $500 off any Clutch car! We are updating our stock daily and have a variety of vehicles that are perfect for students! Visit Clutch.ca and find your vehicle today!

Trish Roberts