Where Are All The Women In The Automotive Industry?

Our Website doesn’t discriminate against gender but we can’t say the same for the automotive industry.

The automotive industry is one of the largest employers and economic sectors on the planet yet we’ve noticed a huge imbalance in a lot of things about it. We’ve dealt with our fair share of stigma towards our new business model that we didn’t expect but it’s no secret about gender diversity and women in the automotive industry.


Check out some of the facts below:

Global studies have repeatedly shown between 80 and 95% of all automotive buying decisions are influenced by women and 65% of all service work is ordered by women yet only 20% of the overall dealership employee count is women.

In 2018, only 16 women (8%) were executives in the top 20 motor vehicles and parts companies in the Fortune Global 500. This is a small change from 14 women (7%) in 2014.

Source: https://www.catalyst.org/knowledge/women-automotive-industry#footnote2_oulwtub

Over half of the top 20 companies in this industry have zero women on their executive teams.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles lead the way to gender equality in the automotive industry.

While Toyota is 0% of women in directors and executives.

We were humbled to hear that Nova Scotia is headlining gender equality in Canada. In the Best New Car Dealerships To Work For of 2018 report, Bruce Ford in Middleton, N.S is the highest among the winning dealerships, where women make up 44% of staff.

Our Halifax team is small but growing rapidly.
We currently have 38.5% women, and we encourage women to apply for all positions.

There are currently many initiatives taking place to increase these numbers like www.womeninautomotive.com that was founded by six industry female leaders.

We hope to see these statistics rise in the near future!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Trish Roberts