First we revolutionized the car-buying experience in Canada, and now we’re launching a first-of-its-kind digital car-selling experience! Our first-to-market instant cash offer tool is for customers looking to sell or trade in their pre-owned cars. The new tool is designed to create a seamless car-selling experience for Canadians and is paired with a quick and convenient at-home pickup service for customers.

If you’ve tried to sell your car online before, you’ll know that the process can be complex and time-consuming. Most sell or trade-in platforms will give you an initial appraisal, but then require several more steps before sending through a final offer. With our new experience, you’ll receive an instant cash offer in seconds after completing the first step! 

This new and improved process includes several features, but here are a few we’re most excited about: 

  • No more estimates. You’ll get an instant offer on your vehicle as soon as you submit your vehicle information.
  • 100% online. This entire process can be completed entirely online from the comfort of your home. 
  • An offer in seconds. You’ll receive a firm cash offer in a matter of seconds. Plus, you can apply it as a credit towards a trade-in.
  • At-home pick up for all vehicles within Clutch’s delivery radius, because we want the process to be as smooth and convenient as possible.

“Being at the forefront of the digital evolution of automotive retail in Canada means that we’re always looking for new solutions that offer convenience and peace-of-mind to our customers,”  says Russell Harris, VP of Product who recently joined the Clutch team from Carvana. “We’ve successfully taken the hassle out of purchasing a car and now we’re streamlining the selling process, getting cash into the pockets of our customers quicker with our new instant cash-offer tool and our at-home pick-up service.”

If you’re looking to sell or trade-in their vehicle, there’s no time like the present. With the ongoing used-car shortage facing the country, the value of pre-owned vehicles has surged nearly 27% year-over-year. If you’ve been thinking about selling your car, now is the perfect time to check out our new tool to see how much your car is worth and get your instant cash offer. 

After recently announcing a Series B fundraising round of $100 million, Clutch is committed to using this funding to improve product experiences, strengthen operations in existing markets, and expand our operations to new markets, so stay tuned for more exciting updates to come!