1. Sydney Sweeney - @syds_garage

Yes, that Sydney Sweeney. The rising star of Euphoria and White Lotus might look like your classic Hollywood celeb from her curated Instagram page, but if you find her on TikTok you’ll catch her showing off exactly how she spends her spare time: collecting rare vintage cars and restoring them. The account, which boasts over 1.5M followers, follows Sydney on her journey of fixing up beautiful classics, most recently a cherry-red 1969 Ford Bronco. 

2. Daniel Mac - @itsdanielmac

For those of us who’ve been scrolling TikTok since the early days, Daniel Mac is a household name. Originally from Toronto, Daniel made his fame by asking the burning questions we all have when we see someone behind the wheel of a luxury car: “what do you do for a living?” With a huge Tik Tok following of 12.9M, his content consists of short, off-the-cuff interviews with owners of high-end cars—asking them what they drive, as well as what they do for a living that helped them buy their whip. 

3. Dom Dub - @dom_dub

Dom is an automotive enthusiast based in Quebec with a TikTok following of 124K. His content shows him hard at work building and repairing his vehicles, showing off his extensive car collection, and sharing his honest reviews of new models.

4. Alexandra Hirschi - @supercarblondie

Alex—more commonly known as “Supercar Blondie”—is one of the biggest automotive influencers in the world. Originally from Australia but based in Dubai, Alex shares videos of herself reviewing and test-driving some of the rarest, most expensive cars across the world. With a whopping audience of more than 65M across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, Alex has interviewed some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood about their shared passion for cars, like John Travolta, Keanu Reeves, and Paris Hilton. 

5. Yuri Tereshyn - @yuritereshyn

Based out of Toronto, Yuri is an auto enthusiast best known for his YouTube channel The Straight Pipes, where Yuri and his partner Jakub review (and test drive) vehicles of all kinds. With 14.3K followers, his TikTok page features exciting reels of Yuri driving donuts in his yellow Plymouth Prowler, test driving Jags, drifting on the race track, and more. 

6. Christina Roki - @christinaroki

Christina is a car enthusiast with 2M followers on TikTok, as well as a large following on Instagram and YouTube. Her videos show off her modified Nissan Z and give us a glimpse of her fixing up, modifying, and even racing her other vehicles. Her recent videos take viewers along as she modifies her sister's car by wrapping it in a glitter holographic wrap. 

7. Alexander K - @ak_strem

Alex is a TikToker from Alberta with 628K dedicated auto-enthusiast followers. His content takes viewers along for the ride as he repairs and restores his vehicles from start to finish. His latest project is his new daily driver, a 2005 Mini Cooper. Tune in to his videos to learn about his favourite quirks about the car and his future plans for modifying it.

8. Robbie Ferreira - @robbieferreiraa

Robbie is a Canadian automotive content creator with more than 400K followers across his TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube channel. His video content takes viewers along as he repairs, modifies, and off-roads his latest purchase, a Jeep which he got just a few months ago after trading in his Chevrolet Silverado. His library of DIY tips can be used to modify your own vehicle!  

9. MAD Detailing - @maddetailing

MAD Detailing is a 1.6M-follower TikTok account that shares a stream of satisfying car transformations—from the moment a car arrives onsite covered in filth to the like-new sparkle that comes from their incredible detailing efforts. Just like watching TikTok star Emily Mariko make her signature salmon bowl, these before-and-after videos never get old! 

10. Ryan Hunt - @thtkidflyin

Ryan is a Canadian automotive enthusiast and TikTok influencer with 319K followers. His content shows off his Nissan 350Z as he modifies it, showcases it at various car shows, and drives it throughout the city. 

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